Flora Wiki


The plants
Korinderie Ridge has many different plant communities; each with their own distinct character
and composition of plant species.

Protected gullies support subtropical rainforest. Gullies on the site support dry and dry to wet sclerophyll, often with species associated with vine forests. Freshwater, saltwater wetlands and grasslands are also present—the list is almost endless.

The vegetation communities
This wiki aims to document the flora that makes Korinderie Ridge unique, and serves as guide to
residents, volunteers, and visitors.

Nomenclature and language
Because of the wide audience this wiki intends to address, it has been difficult deciding how to arrange the plant species within and the terminology to use. The text avoids using botanical or specialist terms wherever possible. If a botanical term is unavoidable, or makes the text ambiguous, then the use of the term may be necessary—a glossary provides explanations for the more common terms.


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