Viola silicestris


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  1. Note that the photos and specimens for this page were collected from Springbrook, not Korinderie Ridge, and is a species that grows mainly on rhyolitic soils. It is included here because it keys out to one of the Viola hederacea forms in The Flora of New South Wales (Harden, 2003-2006). Because of recent revisions of the genus (see Theile and Prober, 2003, 2006), the species of Viola at Korinderie Ridge are in need of revision.

    Theile and Prober, however, have done a lot of work relating to the genus Viola. Diagnosis between the species of Viola is, now, mainly undertaken by observing the small glands located at the base of the fused filaments as well as flower size and leaf-shape. This means that more accurate diagnoses can be made and separation of species is more distinct.

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