What to expect

Your time at the Korinderie Ridge community will see you engaged in a range of activities, depending upon what’s happening at the time. For example:

  • we have three organic vegetable gardens for weeding, digging, planting, making pathways, mulch and compost
  • a major effort for our bush is weed eradication and management, so you’ll help with bush regeneration tasks
  • being in a bushfire prone area, we also attend to our firebreaks during March – October
  • construction is ongoing e.g. sheds, houses, community infrastructure. Depending on your skills and physical capabilities, you can help with such projects
  • when weather hampers outdoor work (i.e. too hot or too wet), you can help with household chores
  • alternate Saturdays are community workdays, so take part in scheduled activities and/or catering that day.

We welcome and encourage you to be a part of our active and vibrant community during your visit.

A Co-operative Community