Annual Bush Regen 2022 and 2023

The 2022 Korinderie Bush Regen is over, completed over several days of good weather in August.

This was our 18th year hosting this event which is an important part of the communities effort to protect and maintain original ecosystems and threatened species. Activities include systematic woody weed control work – removing lantana in a team environment across a diversity of community types during the morning in exchange for delicious meals, bushland camp sites and opportunities for afternoon sightseeing or relaxing in the afternoon followed by great food and campfire conversation and music.

Korinderie Ridge has one of the more intact areas of Ironbark-Spotted Gum forest and associated ecosystems on the NSW east coast. The forest is home to the threatened brush-tailed phascogale and squirrel glider, vulnerable barking owl – along with hundreds of other animal and plant species.

Lantana is a serious threat to the integrity of the forests in this location (including the adjacent Bundjalung National Park) and the combined effort of community members and volunteers has completed the majority of the primary work at Korinderie sites over the last 18 years, so much of the work is now follow up – although some primary work is still needed along a couple of the more remote creeks.

We usually get many returnees – but do really love to welcome people who have never been before, new students to bush regeneration and interested people.

We plan to be running the regen in 2023 from
Wednesday 2 August till Sunday 6 August.

If you are interested in receiving further information, please email –

and check out our facebook page for more info.


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