THE RIDGE Environment

Environmental Principles

Korinderie Ridge Community’s primary activity is set out in our Rules as follows:

9(a) The primary activity of the Co-operative is to enable all members to live in a co-operative community on land owned by the Co-operative while conserving the natural resources and environment of that land.

Thus we aim to individually and collectively behave in ways that protect the land from degradation that could result from inappropriate development and activities, particularly to maintain habitat and combat weed infestation.

We value all wildlife (plants and animals) and aim to build our lifestyles while at the same time consciously conserving the resources and environment in which we live.

The Local Environment

The property known as Korinderie Ridge is located in a range of low hills in forest south-west of Evans Head, adjacent to Bundjalung National Park. It is approximately 5 km from the Pacific Ocean ‘as the crow flies’.

The range (called ‘The Gap Range’) consists of sedimentary rocks, as part of the easterly extension of the mesozoic Clarence-Moreton basin. The rocks are mainly sandstones and siltstones, with shallow and low-fertility soil development.

The vegetation varies from hardy eucalypts on the rocky higher ridge lines, to limited areas in protected valleys with bangalow palms and many rainforest species. There are also some flatter areas with more open woodland.

The climate is sub-tropical, with peak late summer – autumn rain and a dry period through spring. There is a strong coastal influence, with conditions generally cooler and wetter than the catchment areas of the Richmond River further inland. The ridge is flood and frost free.

The area is considered to have a high bushfire risk. There is a long history of fires going through the adjacent National Park, some of which have been very intense. Since settlement by the community fire has impacted the property on several occasions as low to medium intensity grass fires.

The property provides habitat for a wide range of species. See the lists and wiki on this website for more information.

A Co-operative Community