2015 Choir Weekend

This event was in the past…

Choir at Korinderie 2015 – download details

We are happy to announce that two wonderful vocal teachers have agreed to run a weekend of harmonies, rhythms and song from 18–20 September this year. Parissa Bouas is known to many of us here on the north coast for her gorgeous voice, love of world music and generosity in teaching others. Carl Pannuzzo is an established musician based in Melbourne and will be coming up to take us through a soulful harmonious happening. Together these experienced teachers promise another inspiring time with us. We’d love you to come along.
Places are limited, so if you are interested in registering, please make contact as indicated on the flyer and further details will be provided regarding payment to secure a place.
Accommodation and catering are again as per camping style.
Look forward to hearing from you.

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