Bushfire threat eases after rain

As at 2nd December, the bushfire that was threatening from the south and west has been stopped along the tick fence trail. There may be some more back burning, to finish the containment line established all the way from the The Gap Road (in the park), to the Pacific Highway. The defence of the ridge has been helped by a huge effort by RFS and NPWS crews on the ground, plus days of water bombing from aircraft, including the Boeing 737, C130 Hercules, Sikorsky ‘Skycrane’ and several other helicopters.

C130 Hercules over Chris’s

New tower and tank are up

The new tower is up and the tank has been lifted on with with a large mobile crane, with the footings poured and all but the top section assembled. The main pipe has been fitted, but work has stalled due to the current bushfire situation. The next step is to install the new plumbing, fill and test the system. a whole lots of people have been involved, though special mention must be made of Alex and Reece who did the tricky tower assembly work from an elevated work platform.

The old and the new towers. Here the tank has just been lifted onto the platform.

What to do before the ambulance arrives?

On the afternoon of the 28 September workday, we had an excellent session with Craig Nolan from International Paramedic College, based in the Northern Rivers. We were shown the basics of how to keep someone alive before the ambulance arrives and also learnt how to use our new defibrillator unit. A number of us purchased a kit of essential gear including an excellent arterial tourniquet as supplied to the military.

Download a free wall chart here of the DRSABCD Emergency action plan

Another successful regen week

Excellent late winter weather greeted over 20 visitors to the ridge for the annual regen week. Together with residents, they did another huge effort removing lantana. As usual, delicious meals were provided by the catering squad. More info and a photo gallery to come soon.

The regen crew 2019