New tower construction underway

The new tower work is underway, with the footings poured and all but the top section assembled. This has been a big operation, using a large elevated work platform. The footing holes were drilled with an auger fitted to the excavator, and consumed almost 3 cubic metres of concrete.

The job has temporarily stalled, as the legs supplied for the last section tuned out to be for a smaller tower and tank. At this stage we wait until the correct parts arrive. The old tower has been given a new lease of life, with rusted bolts replaced and the tank leak sealed. Stay tuned for updates.

November 3rd, the old and the new

What to do before the ambulance arrives?

On the afternoon of the 28 September workday, we had an excellent session with Craig Nolan from International Paramedic College, based in the Northern Rivers. We were shown the basics of how to keep someone alive before the ambulance arrives and also learnt how to use our new defibrillator unit. A number of us purchased a kit of essential gear including an excellent arterial tourniquet as supplied to the military.

Download a free wall chart here of the DRSABCD Emergency action plan

Another successful regen week

Excellent late winter weather greeted over 20 visitors to the ridge for the annual regen week. Together with residents, they did another huge effort removing lantana. As usual, delicious meals were provided by the catering squad. More info and a photo gallery to come soon.

The regen crew 2019